johnny cash & the tennessee two: country style 1958 / guest star 1959
  • johnny cash & the tennessee two

  • country style 1958 / guest star 1959 (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Klondike
  • Genre: Folk

Johnny Cash is rightfully a hugely celebrated, enigmatic figure in American roots music and one whose legacy continues to thrive and influence millions worldwide. His roots are well documented as is his lengthy career, but his early work with guitarist Luther Perkins and Marshall Grant is not so widely acknowledged. In particular, their early appearances on Country Style USA and Guest Star have remained somewhat obscure.

Klondike very proudly presents a treasure trove of archival recordings from 1958 and 1959 capturing some of the earliest known recordings of Johnny Cash back where he started in the mid-fifties with his Tennessee Two.

Track listing:

  • Country Style USA Intro
  • Hey Porter
  • I Walk The Line
  • "Join The Reserve For Youth Training Program" Spot
  • Rock Island Line
  • So Doggone Lonesome
  • Country Style USA Outro
  • Country Style USA Intro
  • Folsom Prison Blues
  • Cry Cry Cry
  • "Reserve For Youth Training Program" Spot
  • I Was There When It Happened
  • Get Rhythm ("Our Latest Release On Sun")
  • Country Style USA Outro
  • Guest Star Intro
  • Country Boy
  • Chat w/ Johnny
  • Don't Take Your Guns To Town
  • Johnny Cash "Buy Savings Bonds" Spot
  • Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  • Guest Star Outro