popol vuh: die nacht der seele (tantric songs)
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  • die nacht der seele (tantric songs) (LP)

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‘Die nacht der seele’ is the twelfth album by Popol Vuh, originally released in 1979 by Florian Fricke and friends–Daniel Fichelscher on guitar, Djong Yun and Renate Knaup on vocals, plus guests Alois Gromer on sitar and Susan Goetting on oboe. Popol Vuh had moved again one step farther, ellaborating a complex world music opus based mainly on acoustic instruments plus Fichelscher's electric guitar and the use of multitracked vocals to reproduce the sounds of Tibetan monk chants.

‘Florian was and remains to be an important forerunner of contemporary ethnic and religious music.’ (KLAUS SCHULZE)

‘I experienced a lot through Florian's music. Florian's music makes you feel stoned when you sing it; the repetition makes you high. He always sat next to me and we sang it through together until I had it right. I found a closer sense of what it means to sing.’ (RENATE KNAUP)

Comes in original artwork, featuring bonus tracks, has an insert with liner notes by Dolf Mulder and it's a limited edition of 500 copies only.

Track Listing:

  • Mantram Der Erdberührung I 2:20
  • Engel Der Luft 2:40
  • Mit Händen, Mit Füssen 2:50
  • Wo Bist Du, Der Du Überwunden Hast?
  • Gesegnet Du, Bei Deiner Ankunft (Moses V) 6:00
  • Mantram Der Erdberührung II 2:20
  • Im Reich Der Schatten 2:30
  • Wanderer Durch Die Nacht 4:00
  • Mantram Der Herzberührung I 2:50
  • Auf Dem Weg 2:55
  • Mantram Der Herzberührung II 1:20
  • In Der Halle Des Lernen 4:20