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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Prog Temple
  • Genre: Psychedelic

The one and only album of this British blues rock band released in 1972 on 'swirl' Vertigo label.

Hokus Poke's brief appearance in the early seventies grapples with the tired progressive trappings, injecting innovative playing and an overall energy.

The band emerged from the late sixties with most members having already trodden the path of London's psychedelic scene and were taken under the auspicious wing of another celebrated 1960s figure in Kenny Lynch (Small Faces, etc).

Earth Harmony was recorded when rock was still defining itself as the major musical force we are now readily familiar with. It speaks of pragmatic values amidst the clumsy, chaotic aftermath of psychedelia infusing a taste of the Open Mind, Northwind and Wishbone Ash.

Signed to Philips' progressive Vertigo label, the band emerged amidst a thriving music scene and saw their work slugging it out with the likes of Jade Warrior, Warhorse, Legend and Paul Jones.

Recorded at George Martin's Air Studios in September 1971 and scheduled for an early release in 1972, Hokus Poke had ultimately produced an album worthy of their efforts and one which has since become highly regarded amongst collectors and critics alike whilst also remaining one of Vertigo's more overlooked releases.

01. H.P. Boogie
02. Sunrise Sunset (The Sunset)
03. Big World Small Guy
04. Down In The Street
05. Hag Rag
06. Living In Harmony
07. Time And Space
08. The Poke.