love machine: eletronic music to blow your mind
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  • eletronic music to blow your mind (LP)

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Fans of the Free Pop Electronic Concept, Jimmie Haskell, 'Astro Sounds For The Year 2000', Pierre Henry or Les Maledictus Sound, beware! Here's a reissue for you! This is a KILLER USA exploito psych LP from 1968 by THE LOVE MACHINE called 'Electronic Music To Blow Your Mind By!!!'. This definitely is one of the harder-to-find exploito-psych albums with an absolutely great psychedelic cover. Like all these studio cash-in albums, you need to approach this one in the right state of mind and with the right expectation. One of the great things about these budget albums is that the guys behind the controls seemed to be experimenting with all the latest psychedelic effects, including stereo panning, phasing, echoes and whatever electronic gadgets they had left from the last time Beaver & Krause blew through town. And so, if you don't mind the fact that no REAL band was involved (all the musicians were hired session men), this is one heck of a BLAST to listen to! Comes with remastered sound and the original psychedelic art work -with backflaps- in an edition of 500 copies only!