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  • Format: LP
  • Label: World In Sound
  • Genre: Psychedelic

Phantasia is one of the ultimate heavy-psychedelic underground masterpieces from the early 1970s. When speaking about inventive and top-rated US psych-underground albums like Cold Sun, Dragonwyck, C.A. Quintet, Hunger or Mystic Siva for sure Phantasia should not be forgotten. The guitar dominated four piece group recorded one full length record in 1971 and a second one-sided demo LP in 1972, both became legendary among collectors and extremely expensive, only 25 copies were pressed of each. Since the limited "World In Sound" collectors edition which included both recordings is sold out since many years, we present here the exact reissue of their 1971 recorded debut album. The music creeps slowly and intensely into your mind, whether stoned or not - be invited on a journey when acoustic spheric mystic folk realms turn into raw garage hardrock with stunning vocals and advanced guitar freak-outs and jams. The 8 songs run between 3 and 9 minutes and they are deep, haunted and their variety leads into lots of unexpected moments and creates always an unique atmosphere. Unbelievable that this extremely talented band and their music didnt reach a higher level of popularity backthen. The album is presented with outstanding artwork, linernotes and colour photos - ONE of the "must have" 60s/70s psychedelic treasures!