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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Other
  • Genre: Progressive

Marc Moulin's debut LP is a compelling and unique mosaic of jazz, soul, and electronic elements that employs sampled sounds and sequencers to startling effect, vividly anticipating the music of the not-so-distant future. While rooted in collective improvisation, cuts like the opening "Le Saule" and "Le Beau Galop" foreshadow the emergence of house music via their underlying electronic motifs; more impressive still is the five-part, 17-minute epic "Tohubohu," a remarkable update of musique concrète sensibilities that creates drumbeats from water drops and pits trumpeter Richard Rousselet against a herd of hippos. But for all its complexities and innovations, Sam Suffy is above all a sublime listening experience, closer in spirit and scope to trip-hop than the more abstract fusion classics it follows Track listing
Le Saure 6:00
Misterioso 1:43
From 3:35
La Blouse 4:10
La Bougie 1:58
Le Beau Galop 4:20
Tohubohu - Part I 5:12
Tohubohu - Part II 4:08
Tohubohu - Part III 2:11
Tohubohu - Part IV 2:08
Tohubohu - Part V