roger morris: first album
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  • first album (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Vinyl Lovers
  • Genre: Folk

180 gram LP + printed innersleeve and 4 bonus tracks "

Originally released in 1972 on Regal Zonophone, Morris' ultra rare"First Album" touches down in an important British roots revival scene that later gave rise to the pub rock genre of the late 70s. An interesting and gifted performer, Morris takes a trip into folk rock and brings with him some of the finest musicians of the period: Tommy Eyre, Johnny Almond, Chris Mercer, and John Weider.This reissue features 4 bonus tracks from the CD version that have never been previously released on LP and a printed inner sleeve with lyrics.""

Track listing - Side A: 1. Taken For Granted 2. The Vigil 3. Golightly's Almanac 4. Showdown 5. All My Riches 6. The Trail of Tears 7. Northern Star 8. Poor Lucy Side B: 1. Livin' on Memories 2. First Snow 3. Let The Four Winds Blow 4. Idaho 5. Mississippi Story (bonus) 6. Down the Meadow (bonus) 7. The Number I Need (bonus) 8. Copenhagen Moon (bonus)"