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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Made In Germany (MIG)
  • Genre: Psychedelic, Progressive

Janus, a band established in 1971 in Krefeld, Germany, consisted of five Englishmen. Their initial album, "Gravedigger," was recorded at EMI studios in Cologne and launched under the defunct Harvest label. In 2013, EMI reissued "Gravedigger" as a double CD, including remixes and extra tracks, accompanied by the band's only video for "I Wanna Scream" – 40 years later!!!

The album kicks off with the space-themed fan favorite "Red Sun," followed by the eerie "Bubbles." The indescribable "Watch Tryin' To Do" features unconventional verses, reversed orchestra, and phased drums, showcasing originality. "I Wanna Scream" starts off with a punk vibe, even before punk became mainstream. The album concludes with a unique, 20-minute-plus track on side two, offering an acoustic narrative of a man's final moments on the beach, enriched with a classical Spanish guitar solo, an expanding orchestra, seagulls, and the sound of waves, creating a mesmerizing sound tapestry.

"Gravedigger" is essential listening for lovers of the better 60's/70's psychedelic era.

Track Listing:

    Side 1
  • Red Sun
  • Bubbles
  • Watcha' Trying to Do?
  • I Wanna' Scream
  • Side 2
  • Gravedigger