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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Repertoire
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Mini-lp 2500 pieces limited edition
  • Original vinyl artwork in square cd digi-sleeve format (card wallet - no plastic) plus inserted fold-out poster.

One of the more intriguing progressive rock bands signed to vertigo, gravy train was the result of a collaboration between members of former liverpool soul band spaghetti house and guitarist/vocalist norman barrett. they teamed up to produce this highly sought after debut album in 1970. it has norman barrett backed by j.d.hughes (keyboards, vocals), lester williams (bass) and barry davenport (drums). a satisfying blend of folk, blues and hard rock elements is well displayed on six original tracks that include 'think of life' and the intriguingly titled 'earl of pocket nook'.

Track listing:

1. the new one 2. dedication to sid 3. coast road 4. enterprise 5. think of life 6. earl of pocket nook