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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Endless Happiness
  • Genre: Psychedelic

"Happy Trails" is widely regarded as one of the quintessential albums of the psychedelic rock era. Its influence extends beyond the 1960s, inspiring subsequent generations of musicians with its innovative approach to rock and blues. The album's emphasis on live, improvisational performance has been particularly influential in the development of jam band culture.

The "Who Do You Love Suite" and "Mona" are often highlighted as standout tracks, showcasing the band's ability to transform classic blues songs into epic, psychedelic journeys. "Happy Trails" remains a beloved and influential album, celebrated for its creativity, musicianship, and the spirit of musical adventure it embodies.

The album is a testament to Quicksilver Messenger Service's place in rock history and their contribution to the evolution of psychedelic music. "Happy Trails" continues to be a touchstone for fans of the genre and an enduring example of the power of live, improvisational rock music.

Track listing:

  • A1 Who Do You Love (Part 1)
  • A2 When You Love
  • A3 Where You Love
  • A4 How You Love
  • A5 Which Do You Love
  • A6 Who Do You Love (Part 2)
  • B1 Mona 6:58
  • B2 Maiden Of The Cancer Moon 2:52
  • B3 Calvary 13:14
  • B4 Happy Trails 1:28