dark: i 'm not sad / all through the night
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  • i 'm not sad / all through the night (7")

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  • Format: 7"
  • Label: Seelie Court
  • Genre: Psychedelic

500pcs limited, part of the Seelie Court :the complete recordings of dark" project

Seelie Court considers Dark's work to be of great archival importance and has been dedicated to releasing the band’s life works and documenting everything, no matter what the condition, while it is possible to be restored . This goal has finally reached fruition.

"I'm Not Sad" / "All Through the Night" is a single released by Dark in 1969. "I'm Not Sad" is a raw, emotive track that showcases the band's early foray into blending rock with introspective lyrics and psychedelic elements. The song features powerful guitar work and Giles' expressive vocals, encapsulating the band's potential and musical direction. "All Through the Night," the B-side of the single, continues in a similar vein with its haunting melody and atmospheric instrumentation, highlighting the band's ability to create mood-driven music. This single, although not widely recognized at the time, represents an important piece of Dark's musical legacy, capturing the essence of their early sound and the burgeoning talent that would later be fully realized in their subsequent recordings.

Track listing:

  • I'm Not Sad
  • All Through the Night