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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Endless Happiness
  • Genre: Progressive

"Lady Lake" is the second album by the British progressive rock band Gnidrolog, released in 1972. The album is known for its eclectic and experimental approach, incorporating elements of jazz, folk, and classical music into its progressive rock framework. The band's unique sound is characterized by the use of unconventional instruments and intricate arrangements.

The album is a testament to the innovative spirit of early 1970s progressive rock. The album's sound is distinguished by its use of woodwind instruments and the band's intricate, multi-layered compositions. The lyrics often explore introspective and philosophical themes, adding depth to the musical complexity.

Though not as commercially successful as some of their contemporaries, Gnidrolog's "Lady Lake" has garnered a dedicated following among prog rock enthusiasts. The album is praised for its originality and the band's technical prowess, making it a hidden gem in the progressive rock genre.

"Lady Lake" remains a significant work for its experimental approach and its ability to blend diverse musical influences into a cohesive and captivating whole.

Track listing:

  • A1 I Could Never Be A Soldier 11:36
  • A2 Ship 6:44
  • A3 A Dog With No Collar 2:09
  • B1 Lady Lake 8:53
  • B2 Same Dreams 2:49
  • B3 Social Embarrassment 6:30