plus: no pisar el infinito
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  • no pisar el infinito (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Svart
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Black vinyl, LP plus bonus 7″ single. Gatefold. Limited to 500 copies.

The Svart Mondo series is dedicated to bringing some of the most obscure, fascinating records that time forgot back into the spotlight. Curated by the Svart team of dedicated music nerds and specialists, Svart Mondo is a showcase of a musical era long gone, collected from many unusual and less traveled parts of the world. The series commences with two pieces of hard psychedelic progressive rock from the early 70s from Argentina.

Plus, from Buenos Aires, begun in 1975 and released the album No Pisar El Infinito (“Do Not Step On The Infinite”) the following year. Plus performed hard-hitting heavy rock with progressive leanings, much influenced by Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk Railroad and the like, with a Latin flavor and excellent musicianship. The album, released on the local T.K. label, has since become a very rare collector’s item and has not been reissued on vinyl, until now.


  • A1 Noches De Rock’n’Roll
  • A2 Tómame Como Soy
  • A3 Ya Tenés Por Quien Luchar
  • A4 La Chance Sutil
  • A5 Hablan De Tiempos Mejores
  • B1 El Mago Del Tiempo
  • B2 Lo Único Que Es
  • B3 Ocultame Hermano
  • B4 Zapada Final
  • 7″: Mil Opciones / Hoy Te Preguntarás