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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Second Battle
  • Genre: Progressive

Prof. Wolfff lived a short and intensive life in the early 70s, as a part of the krautrock adventure - with gigs all over Germany and a TV performance at the Talentschuppen (ARD- first German channel). The band unexpectedly split in March 1972, shortly after producing their first album 'Prof. Wolfff', which was released in 1972 by Metronome. Along with Ihre Kinder and Ton, Steine, Scherben, an important political rockband from Berlin, Prof. Wolfff was one of the first progressive rock bands in Germany exclusively singing German rock songs, even before Udo Lindenberg released his first 'German' album. As a result, other musicians were inspired to compose rock songs using German language. "Mixing pop, blues, jazz and classical with German political lyrics (krautrock style), Prof. Wolfff's self-titled album was produced by Ihre Kinder manager Jonas Porst. At times Prof. Wolfff sounds like a strong blues rock act mixed with a bit of classical and psychedelia while at other times they come off as a mixture of pop and barbershop. Prof. Wolfff's album contains five tracks, the three best of which are extended. Led by a great raw guitar sound and classical-styled hammond organ, 'Hetzjagd', the albums jewel, showcases the bands ability to piece together various elements into an accessible track. 'Hans Im Gluck' contains more prominent hammond organ. The two shorter tracks 'Missverstandnis' and 'Das Zimmer' are lighter fare and contain poppy chorus vocals. Finally, the album closes with 'Weh Uns', a heavier track containing a hard progressive sound highlighted by guitar solos and classical motifs. Now available as limited 1000 copy edition on 180 gr. vinyl, comes with the original Foldopencover and has an additional booklet with unseen photographs."