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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Vinyl Magic
  • Genre: Progressive
  • gatefold cover

Contrary to what often happens in the vast progressive rock panorama, crowded by many prolific artists, Il Bacio della Medusa has always taken their right time to release a new album: this time six years have in fact passed from the previous "Deus Lo Vult". Nothing to complain, however, when the wait is rewarded by the high quality of the result.

"Seme*" is no exception in this sense and, if the wind instrumensts played by Eva Morelli and Simone Cecchini's voice represent elements of continuity with the past, everything else has been completely revolutionized; moreover, the band's line-up sees the addition of guitarist Simone Matteucci. We are in front of the band's most immediate and at the same time more varied record, a blend of hard, folk, jazz and classic rock, typical songwriter's moments and even country and electronic music!

If it's true that 'prog' means also evolution and mixing between musical genres, we are therefore in the presence of a daring album that, even if considerably deviating from the 'classic prog' coordinates, paradoxically represent the most progressive and original release in the entire career of the group!!

Track listing:

Side A:

  • Seme
  • La Sonda
  • 5 e 1/4… Fuori dalla Finestra il Tempo è Dispari
  • Side B:

  • Sveglia!!!
  • Animatronica Platonica
  • Uthopia… Il Non Luogo
  • Il Sentiero di Luce
  • Animaemotica