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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Phoenix Records
  • Genre: Psychedelic

jewel case CD

  • 1968 US psychedelic classic
  • Highly collectible gatefold card-wallet format
  • Numbered edition of 1000
  • Strictly limited stocks

Combining elements of rock, jazz, bluegrass, soul, Dixieland, folk, raga, blues and practically every genre there is, the Insect Trust’s classic debut (recorded in 1968) shows up one major difference between them and almost all other US psych bands of the time - while the majority were in thrall to Eastern sounds, they sound resolutely homegrown. Despite featuring banjos, fiddles and bottleneck guitars, however, the band still sounded absolutely contemporary, with superb tunes, gorgeous vocals and some mindblowing freakout passages. Tuneful, intelligent and highly musical, they truly forged something new out of the past, and this is one of the most beguilingly strange and original rock albums ever recorded.

Track Listing

  • 1. The Skin Game
  • 2. Miss Fun City
  • 3. World War I Song
  • 4. Special Rider Blues
  • 5. Foggy River Bridge Fly
  • 6. Been Here & Gone So Soon
  • 7. Declaration of Independence
  • 8. Walking On Nails
  • 9. Brighter Than Day
  • 10. Mountain Song
  • 11. Going Home