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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Mental Experience
  • Genre: Progressive
  • 24–bit domain remaster from the original tapes
  • Insert with detailed liner notes by Alan Freeman (The Crack In The Cosmic Egg)
  • Includes free digital download card

Shrouded in mystery Kosmische / Kraut / Avant–Garde artefact, produced by Toby Robinson aka The Mad Twiddler circa 1975 for his private Pyramid label.

Tolkien inspired dark ambient soundscapes with spooky / ritualistic atmosphere, treated percussions, gongs & guitars, trippy Hammond & Mini–Moog, tape loops, weird noises, drones...File under dark ambient, proto–industrial, kraut, experimental...

"A major work of electronic avant–garde – high quality deep esoterica of the weird and spooky kind." – Alan Freeman (Ultima Thule, The Crack In The Cosmic Egg)

Track Listing:

    Mouvements A

  • The Tower of Barad–Dûr
  • Shelob’s Lair
  • The Dead Marshes
  • Mount Doom