midwinter: the waters of sweet sorrow
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  • the waters of sweet sorrow (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Prog Temple
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Prog Rock classic
  • Two Rare Bonus Tracks!
  • Detailed liner notes
  • Digitally remastered

Midwinter’s now legendary status in the field of acid-folk had only been established when their 1973 demo recordings were unveiled to a wider audience twenty years after their conception. Until then, Midwinter had existed only in local knowledge and in the shadows of Stone Angel, the post-Midwinter outfit whose privately pressed LP from 1975 has since commanded deserved attention by fans and collectors alike.


Also included in this retrospective edition is the earliest known recordings by Midwinter/Stone Angel front-man, Ken Saul taken from his highly rare and sought-after debut single from 1970.


    Side A

    1. Sanctuary Stone
    2. To Find A Reason
    3. The Skater
    4. Scaborough Fair
    5. The Oak Tree Grove
    6. Dirge

    Side B

    1. Maids And Gentlemen
    2. The Waters Of Sweet Sorrow
    3. All Things Are Quite Silent
    4. The Two Sisters
    5. Winter Song
    6. Bonus Tracks

    7. Warm Summer Rain
    8. Pictures Framed In My Mind