toad: toad (50th anniversary, coloured)
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  • toad (50th anniversary, coloured) (3 LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Akarma
  • Genre: Progressive
    150 copies colored version
  • Original Pasted US HARDBOARD
  • includes 1st TOAD LP + acetate 1st EMI with unreleased tracks + 3rd LP contains 2 tracks from the 45” and unreleased tracks from the Studio Session in 1970
  • 150 ltd on coloured vinyl

Originally released in 1971 on Halleluja (CH), RCA (UK), and Vertigo (D), this album, recorded at De Lane Lea Studios and mixed by Martin Birch (sound engineer of Deep Purple and more recently Iron Maiden’s producer), showned the world the talent of three young musicians: Vittorio Vergeat, a guitar virtuoso, drummer Cosimo Lampis, and bass player Werner Frohelich, joined for these sessions by vocalist Benj Jaeger, who left the band right after the release as their songs were mainly instrumentals. Toad is one of the best rock albums ever released in Europe during the ’70s, and is praised by fans and collectors as a must have.

Track Listing

Disc 1 1: TOAD

  • Cotton Wood Hill
  • A Life That Ain't Worth Living
  • Thank
  • They Say I'm Mad
  • Side 2:

  • Life Goes On 1
  • Pig's Walk
  • The One I Mean 2:28