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  • Format: CD
  • Label: GreenTree,Walhalla etc
  • Genre: Progressive

Originally released in 1970, the debut album from the German band Tomorrow's Gift stands as a genuine Krautrock classic. Filled with lengthy, impactful tracks, the album showcases abundant guitar, organ, flute, and drum solos. Notably, Ellen Meyer's robust vocals evoke comparisons to Inga Rumpf of Frumpy or Janis Joplin.

Tomorrow's Gift shares significant musical similarities with Frumpy, earning admiration from enthusiasts of the genre. This reissue presents newly remastered recordings, accompanied by a 4-sided insert that includes a detailed band history written by founder Manfred Rürop, enriched with previously unseen photographs.

Track Listing:

  • Riddle In A Swamp 8:01
  • Prayin' To Satan 5:08
  • One Of The Narrow-minded Thoughts 3:28
  • Tenakel Gnag 2:56
  • The First Seasons After The Destruction 13:05
  • How You Want To Live 7:30
  • Grey Aurora 1:51
  • Ants 2:52
  • Breeds There A Man 3:18
  • King In A Nook 4:29
  • Sandy Concert 8:09
  • Enough To Write A Song About Or Two 2:01
  • Second Song 0:30
  • Bonus Track
  • Begin Of A New Sound 4:45