batch: transistor - the lost recordings 1968-71
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  • transistor - the lost recordings 1968-71 (CD)

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The story of The Batch is really the story of the songwriting team of Barry Thomas Goldberg and Gary Paulak, and the 5-piece band that became the principal means through which Goldberg & Paulaks songs were introduced, for over seven years. With antecedents in the original Goldberg-Paulak garage band "The Shambles". The Batch represented something unique in the history of Twin Cities Rock of the late 60s - mid 70s era: They were one of the very few groups of their day to enjoy continuous, immediate, non-ending access to the top recording studios in town. This is not to say that the group didnt spend time with home recording equipment as well. Dozens of performances exist, featuring the group as they experimented with two-track and four-track performances of considerable breadth and variety, as recorded between 1968 and 1971, several of which serve as the "Prime Cuts" of "TRANSISTOR", the "Lost Basement Recordings" of the Batch. Herein lies the continuing saga of Barry Thomas Goldberg and Gary Paulak, and their post-"Candy Floss" career. These recordings were never meant to be heard by the general public, and as such they are priceless rarities for collectors of this moment in Minnesota music. The Batch accented the lead vocals of the principal songwriters, as well as those of the groups other main vocalist, Arne Fogel, and the luxurious two-and-three-part harmonies crafted by this trio of singers. Added to this was the solid, yet melodic bass playing of Goldbergs boyhood pal Jay Lee, and the remarkably gifted Gary "Whip" Lane on drums."