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  • trip-flip out-meditation (+7"single) (3 LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Wah Wah
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Limited edition of 500 copies
  • Triple LP comes in 4-panel-gatefold-sleeve with mirror on front cover, double-sided 12x12" insert, a replacement mirror and a bonus PS 7" of their non- lp only single.

Originally released on Philips in 1970, Zweistein's trippy kraut psych experimental masterpiece gets its first vinyl reissue ever. Even more experimental than Faust, Kraftwerk or Cluster, their only album was a triple LP housed in a marvelous double gatefold cover, all made in silver & gold cardboard, with the front embossed and featuring a small mirror on it. Electronically adventurous, the sounds give you what's promised in the title in the form of an avantgarde collage produced by Suzanne Doucet -a successful pop singer and TV guest then, and now a famous voice in New Age music- with the help of her sister Diane and sound engineer Peter Kramper, who besides his recognised work as a studio wizard starting with many German beat bands like The Rattles or The Blizzards and later remixing albums by the likes of Hawkwind a.o. He also played synthesizer in some Amon Düül albums an records by other krautrock travellers like Utopia's 1973's self titled LP.

At the time Suzanne didn't want to link the avantgarde experiments collected here with her succesful pop career, so she used a pseudonym and signed the production as Jacques Dorian, while the recordings were issued as being made by a whole band named Zweistein. The photo you see on the cover of their only 45, here included as a bonus, show the Doucet sisters surrounded by friends who where ask to play any instrument they could, be a tambourine, a flute or simply stomp their feet on the ground, on the sessions.

"My sister and myself were huge fans of Einstein (of course) therefore the ZWEISTEIN pseudonym."

"I was always into recording technology - starting when I was 14 to record songs with my first tape recorder... so I took all the recordings of ZWEISTEIN and transferred and edited them into a "piece" and it became 3 album length pieces. We took those to the studio to my favorite recording engineer Peter Kramper (who was also a producer and recording engineer for Liberty Records, I was signed to until 1970) and added effects and magically appearing sounds that came out of nowhere (you can hear those strange tones on the 3rd album in the beginning and end...) and they did fit perfectly with our 3rd album MEDITATION."

"The 3 albums were called TRIP, FLIP OUT and MEDITATION because that was in our opinion the logical evolution our generation was going through. We all had experimented with psychadelics and the first album is such a recorded TRIP. As a result many of us went into a psychotic state of mind, i.e. FLIP OUT (the world upside down, reverse all concepts and rules were off) and if you ever came out of that your only salvation would be spirituality MEDITATION. Maybe ZWEISTEIN became such a "cult" recording because it reflected the evolution of the mind of a whole generation. And if we accomplished that I would call that art!"

Suzanne Doucet (from "The Making Of Zweistein", krautrockgroup.blogspot.com)

The recordings were licensed to Philips, who had already signed Kraftwerk to their catalogue, and it managed to sell a number of copies before it was withdrown. In years to come it would be rediscovered to gather a cult status among collectors and afficionados, with original copies nowadays changing hands for small fortunes.

The Wah Wah reissue has been licensed from Suzane Doucet, comes with remastered sound and will include one bonus 7" reissue of their non LP single. Like the original, it will be printed over metallic silver & gold embossed cardboard, plus comes with an insert with liners and photos. Limited edition, only 500 copies pressed!

Track Listing:

    In 19:52

  • A1 a) Beginning
  • A2 b) Analysis Of Tune
  • A3 c) To Hear Inside
  • A4 d) A Very Simple Tune
  • Out 18:03

  • B1 a) Misty Tour
  • B2 b) Water Sound
  • B3 c) Television
  • B4 d) Organ Dreams (A Very Simple Song)
  • Wrong 18:03

  • C1 a) Children's Golden Garden
  • C2 b) To Become A Child
  • C3 c) Children's Golden Garden
  • Right 18:02

  • D1 a) Everything Returns
  • D2 b) Indian Child
  • D3 c) The Theory Of Relativity
  • Point 18:08

  • E1 a) Atomical Fantasy (Electronic)
  • E2 b) Incarnation
  • E3 c) Childhood's Church
  • E4 d) Life Train
  • E5 e) Dream Of Love And Death
  • E6 f) Atomical Fantasy
  • Circle 15:14

  • F1 a) Verdi's Soul
  • F2 b) Mind Beat
  • F3 c) HImalaya's Way
  • F4 d) Heaven Bridge
  • F5 e) Out Of Time
  • F6 f) Atomical Fade Out
  • Bonus 7 Inch

  • G I'm A Melody Maker 3:37
  • H A Very Simple Song 5:36