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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Universal/Polydor
  • Genre: Progressive

Official limited reissue on the Danish UNIVERSAL MUSIC This rare and sophisticated heavy rock album was released in a limited run of 500 copies by Sonet in Denmark. Heavy organ and guitars, with rough English vocals, great songs, very well composed and performed with an bluesy feel and influenced by the Vertigo UK sound with a great mix of heavy guitar and hammond organ. One of the best underground albums from Scandinavia!

Track listing:

  • A1 Living Dead 7:47
  • A2 Princess 6:00
  • A3 Jingoism 6:50
  • B1 Prelude 1:12
  • B2 The Monk Song Part 1 5:50
  • B3 The Monk Song Part 2 3:37
  • B4 Going Blind 10:28