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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Wah Wah
  • Genre: Progressive

The origins of Cos date back to the second half of the sixties when Daniel Schell joined forces with Jean-Paul Musette, Pascale Son and Robert Pernet to form Classroom. When Classroom split, Daniel Schell and Pascale Son moved ahead and formed Cos together with Charles Loos, Alain Goutier and Bob Dartsch. They produced an experimental jazz rock sound linked to the influences above mentioned, but without being mere copycats since they always managed to keep to their own personality.

Viva Boma was their second LP, originally issued in November 1976, and added some African influences to the mix, including the cover which, designed by Alain Goutier upon a concept by Daniel Schell, depicted a trio of hipopotamus that made reference to Boma, a portuary city at the banks of the river Congo, and Bomma, Belgian word for grandmother (hence the title appearing either with one or two m's on different parts of the artwork).

The Wah Wah reissue comes housed in a beautiful reproduction of the original sleeve and an insert with photos and liner notes. Limited edition of 500 copies, licensed from and with the collaboration of Daniel Schell.

Track Listing

  • A1 Perhaps Next Record 1:28
  • A2 Viva Boma (Document Ramene De Koekelberg)2:37
  • A3 Nog Verder 4:38
  • A4 Boehme 3:23
  • A5 Flamboya 7:40
  • B1 In Lulu 4:15
  • B2 L'Idiot Léon 10:59
  • B3 Ixelles 6:00