cosarama: 20 top prog/psych behemoths from the UK and Europe
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  • 20 top prog/psych behemoths from the UK and Europe (CD)

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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Psychic Circle
  • Genre: Psychedelic

Seems like only yesterday (probably because it was) that we explored some of the uncharted depths of British and European psychoprog on Blow Your Cool. Well, here we are with another voyage into that dazzling star system. Once again we've pulled in tracks from the UK and across Europe, and once again we shall attempt to thrill you with as yet unheard treasures from the patchouli-scented vaults of freaked musical excess. You'll find a splendid UK three piece band who only issued records on the Continent, and then you'll find another! You'll meet the band who would evolve into the German prog monsters Wind. There's an Irish showband illustrating that the prog scene had not passed them by, plus an Essex band who released music on their own label, and a whole lot more besides. Swoon!"

Track Listing:"

  1. DISTANT JIM: Cosmarama "
  2. CARRIAGE COMPANY: In Your Room "
  3. KINGDOM: All I Need "
  4. THE TOWER: In Your Life "
  5. BACK STREET BAND: Daybreak "
  6. BIG WHEEL: Old Songs New Songs"
  7. BISMARCK: Shotgun Express ""
  8. CWT: Widow Woman "
  9. SILENCE: Devil Woman "
  10. GINGER ALE: Get Off My Life Woman"
  11. PUSSY: Feline Woman "
  12. TENDERFOOT KIDS: Man In Black"
  13. ELECTRIC FOOD: I'll Try "
  14. MR.ALBERT SHOW: Kings Of Galaxy "
  15. THE PETARDS: Free "
  16. CASTLE FARM: Hot Rod Queen "
  17. THE PEBBLES: Half Past Dead "
  19. CHIPS: Earth "
  20. RICHARD ST. CLAIR & FORUM: Give Me Back "