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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Golden Pavilion
  • Genre: Progressive
  • 500 pcs limited black vinyl
  • repress with different cover

This extremely rare Italian library album finally gets its long deserved high quality vinyl reissue in a collaboration between Light in the Attic and Golden Pavilion. Long revered in connoisseur circles, but always elusive almost to the status of a myth, Arawak's "Accade a.." takes us on a journey across the planet, depicting faraway places with an uncanny sense of style, using a tapestry of sounds and instruments, sometimes mellow and dreamy, sometimes engulfing the listener in a funky wicked drum break groove. We are offered the chance of a unique journey that takes us from Harlem to Boston, passing through Cuzco, Bali, Bahia, Belfast, Lima and more... Arawak is one of a multitude of pseudonyms that Luciano Simoncini used in his career as a composer for film scores and background music for radio and television in Italy. Luciano Simoncini was an Italian pianist, arranger and conductor (born in Piedimonte Matese, province of Caserta, September 25th, 1939, died in Rome November 8th, 2011). Originally released in 1970 on Simoncini's own "Squirrel records" this album managed to stay under the radar until Hip Hop performer Quasimoto (alter ego of producer Madlib) sampled "Accade a Harlem" for the "Suono libero" series on 70s Jazz funk from Italian library music. Since then, the album gathered considerable interest hence calling for a proper reissue. This release is fully licensed and comes as an exact replica of the original release, with informative liner notes by Luciano Simoncini's family friend Claudio Casalini, and including unseen pictures of Maestro Simoncini at home and with his wife. The laid-back grooves and enticing dreamy atmospheres alternate with more funky sounds to make a truly unique music experience that will appeal to fans of Janko Nilovic, Stefano Torossi, Remigio Ducros, Pino Canizzo..

Track Listing

  • A1 Accadde A Harlem 2:34
  • A2 Accadde A Cuzco 3:10
  • A3 Accadde A Bali 2:28
  • A4 Accadde A Bahia 3:20
  • A5 Accadde A Belfast 2:10
  • A6 Accadde A Tutti Noi 2:16
  • B1 Accadde A Las Vegas 2:40
  • B2 Accadde In Biafra 2:20
  • B3 Accadde A Yellow Park 2:32
  • B4 Accadde A Lima 2:07
  • B5 Accadde Ad Atene 2:20
  • B6 Accadde A Boston 3:25