cosmos factory: an old castle in transylvania
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  • an old castle in transylvania (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Absinthe
  • Genre: Psychedelic

COSMOS FACTORY was formed in 1970, in the ugly industrial city of Nagoya, from the ruins of GS outfit The Silencer; a local rock critic who took the band under his managerial wing courted this progressive rock band. They played the local scene for a couple of years before gaining anything more than local success. The band finally made its name as support for The Moody Blues and signed to Columbia Records in 1973, releasing their debut (and best) album "An Old Castle Of Transylvania" that same year. Cosmos Factory took their marvellous name from a wholly cosmic misreading of Creedence Clearwater Revivals LP "Cosmos Factory", which has unfortunately led many to believe that they were a space rock band. Instead this is Moog keyboard heavy in an Italian progressive style, and the epic 18-minute title track that closes the album enters the realms of real experimentation.

Track Listing

  • A1 Soundtrack 1984 3:20
  • A2 Maybe 5:54
  • A3 Soft Focus 3:39
  • A4 Fantastic Mirror 4:27
  • A5 Poltergeist 4:26
  • An Old Castle Of Transylvania (18:40)

  • B1 (i) Forest Of The Death
  • B2 (ii) The Cursed
  • B3 (iii) Darkness Of The World
  • B4 (iv) An Old Castle Of Transylvania