the seeds and sky saxon: bad part of town
  • the seeds and sky saxon

  • bad part of town (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Replica
  • Genre: 60s Garage / Surf / RnB

Official reissue of this great compilation by the one and only SEEDS !

13-track digitally remastered CD album, offering a fascinating collection of material, which bookends the 'classic' Seeds material from 1966-68; featuring Sky Saxon's early 60s pre-Seeds singles [under his original name of Richard Marsh], which find him cast in an unlikely Bobby Darin-style teen heartthrob setting [although the trademark Saxon nasal whine is already in evidence!], plus, by way of anextreme contrast, the early 70s material from The Seeds, recorded for MGM [1970] and Unlimited Productions [1972] - if you can imagine classic Seeds with slightly more accomplished musicianship and a 'heavier' sound, you're there! These forgotten recordings are surprisingly good, with particular regard to 'Bad Part Of Town' and the manic 'Did He Die'

Track Listing

  • A1 –The Seeds- Bad Part Of Town 3:24
  • A2 –Richie Marsh & The Hoodwinks - Baby Baby Baby 2:24
  • A3 –Richie Marsh & The Hoodwinks - Half Angel 1:50
  • A4 –Sky Saxon & The Soul Rockers - Go Ahead And Cry 2:20
  • A5 –Sky Saxon & The Soul Rockers - They Say 2:10
  • A6 –Sky Saxon & The Electra-Fires - Do The Swim 2:00
  • A7 –Sky Saxon & The Electra-Fires - Trouble With My Baby 2:00
  • B1 –The Seeds - Did He Die 3:30
  • B2 –The Seeds - Love In A Summer Basket 3:28
  • B3 –The Seeds - Wish Me Up 3:15
  • B4 –The Seeds - Shuckin' And Jiving 7:00
  • B5 –The Seeds - You Took Me By Surprise 2:40