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  • ben ( deluxe) (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Repertoire
  • Genre: Progressive
  • 180g VINYL

This is one of the rarest collectors’ items - a ‘holy grail’ for Vertigo label aficionados - with auction prices for a mint original LP (when available) reaching a recent auction peak of £1,625.

‘Ben’ was the band’s only release on the progressive Vertigo ‘spiral’ label in 1971. It is packed with ambitious instrumental arrangements of inspired jazz-rock, performed by a talented five that represented the best of the Canterbury scene, the movement that flourished in the early 1970s. This album will appeal to all fans of that adventurous era, when bands such as Soft Machine and Caravan ruled.


    Side A

  • 1. The Influence
  • 1a.The Wooing Of The Child
  • 1b.The Innocence Of The Child
  • 1c.The Interest Of The Youth
  • 1d.The Involvement Of The Man
  • 1e.The Realization
  • 1f. The Wooing Of The Man
  • 1g.The Conclusion
  • 2. Gibbon
  • Side B

  • 1. Christmas Execution
  • 2. Gismo