heronimus fin: bloodguilt (yellow vinyl)
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  • bloodguilt (yellow vinyl) (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Plus Que Reel
  • Genre: Neofolk - Neopsychedelic
  • yellow vinyl
  • 8-page color booklet
  • limited pressing of 100 hand-numbered copies

Heronimus Fin are nothing less than a sustainably authentic, and, given their longevity, genuinely sustainable neo-psychedelic combo. Formed in 1994, and hailing from Birmingham (UK), with 6 albums under their belt and a new one coming up later this year, they are among the very few acts in the genre who have been acclaimed by both the mainstream and the underground press, made appearances in key venues and radio shows (e.g. London Astoria, BBC Radio 1), and garnered a loyal fandom. But, above all else, they gained cult status when their album ‘Bloodguilt’ was banned from being released just at the point when they had finished the recordings and produced a handful of test-pressings. Eventually, the album was released only in CD with a different cover. In time, the test-pressings were recognized by Discogs and Record Collector as partaking of the top 30 across genres, selling over 1500 GBP (if found). The time has come to lift the ‘ban’, without mitigating the album’s cult status. This is why we partnered with Heronimus Fin to bring you the first official edition of Bloodguilt, with the original cover, in an ultra-limited pressing of 100 hand-numbered copies, in yellow vinyl, with 2 bonus tracks and an 8-page booklet that guides you through the album’s vicissitudes.

Track Listing:

  • Intro - Information 1:51
  • (Riding) The Great Fantastic 5:34
  • Elviras Garden 3:49
  • The Line Of Least Resistance 2:30
  • Shadows / The Great Moment Of Triumphal Chaos 8:24
  • Purple Pictures 3:17
  • I Feel Free 5:42
  • Alice In Sunderland 2:56
  • Fenshaw Gramm(e)r Lives On 3:58
  • Home James And Don't Spare The Horses 3:05