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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Psychic Circle
  • Genre: Progressive, Psychedelic
So here we are again one and all; scoop neck Mr. Freedom Ts freshly laundered, split knee loons fashionably fading, with another 20 swift excursions into that amorphous hybrid of prog and psych, so loved by today's cognoscenti. And what nefarious delights are in store for the voyager? May we present the young Linda Lewis, Atomic Rooster's drummer re-located to Italy, a top prog outfit comprising four Moroccan Jews, and a Belgian soul band gone all weird. With 16 other strange pleasures, how could any self-respecting head refuse?
Track listing:
1. PARADISE HAMMER: To Live 2. BARRY FREEMAN & STRANGE POWER: Turn Me Loose 3. PRIMITIVE MAN: Major Barmy From The Army 4. THE FOUNDATIONS: I'm Gonna Be A Rich Man 5. DREAM POLICE: Much Too Much 6. TRITONS: Drifter 7. MOGUL THRASH: Sleeping In The Kitchen 8. FERRIS WHEEL: Can't Stop Now 9. TRIANGLE: Blow Your Cool 10. ZIOR: She's A Bad, Bad Woman 11. THE RATTLES: Devil's On The Loose 12. FREEDOM: Freedom 13. BLUEBEARD: Sly Willy 14. PAUL RYDER & TIME MACHINE: If You Ever Get To Heaven 15. VARIATIONS: Love Me 16. EGG: You Are All Princes 17. JESS & JAMES: Mrs. Davis 18. BEDLAM: I Believe In You 19. SWEGAS: What'Ya Gonna Do 20.COSMIC DEALER: The Scene