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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Psychic Circle
  • Genre: Psychedelic

Over the past 20 years there have been countless compilations of prime, raw British Beat. Many of these have featured tracks that have appeared several times already. This might give the impression that this particular well has run dry. I will admit that the gushing torrent of undiscovered pure R&B frenzy has now been reduced to a babbling country brook, but if you dig deep enough there are still some untapped reserves of top quality beat waiting to be unearthed. 'Nothing Comes Easy' is a compilation of 20 such gems, previously uncomped on CD. Some of these bands may be familiar to you as they have appeared on other collections eraof this genre, some have never, as far as I'm aware, been comped 'til now. Much of the fun I've had putting this set together has been discovering new (to me at least) little nuggets. I hope you'll feel the same way.
Track listing: 1. THE UK BONDS: The Last Thing I Ever Do 2. THE PIRATES: Can't Understand 3. THE DEE-TEES: Got Love If You Want It 4. THE GAMBLERS: Find Out What's Happening 5. THE PEASANTS: Got Some Lovin' For You Baby 6. BARRY BENSON: Sunshine Child 7. THE RATS: Gimme That Wine 8. THE PANTHERS: I'll Be Pleased 9. REY ANTON & THE PEPPERMINT MEN: Nothing Comes Easy 10. THE LUVVERS: Most Unlovely 11. THE TIMES: Tomorrow Night 12. THE ZEPHYRS: Wonder What I'm Gonna Do 13. WINSTON G: That Way Too 14. THE CHEATIN' HEARTS: The Bad Kind 15. GUY DARRELL: Stupidity 16. THE MARAUDERS: Lucille 17. THE LIVERPOOL FIVE: I Can Only Give You Everything 18. TOMMY BRUCE: Over Suzanne 19. THE MARK FOUR: Slow Down 20. TEN FEET: Got Everything But Lo"