various: cornflake zoo - over, under, sideways, down - episode twenty one
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  • cornflake zoo - over, under, sideways, down - episode twenty one (CD)

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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Particles
  • Genre: Psychedelic
  • 20-page full colour booklet
  • comprehensive liner notes
  • rare colour photographs.

Somewhere in the psychedelic cosmos of yesteryear, lay the blueprint for prog rock, glam rock and punk rock. These rocking bastard sons of psychedelia would rock their cradle in time, but their forefathers would smash it to pieces. Emerging from the post-war rubble, these adolescent architects of beautiful noise would only arm themselves with guitars and drums and hopes and dreams.

Once again, Dustin E finds himself immersed in juvenile concerns of a dubious nature to unveil another spectacular instalment of joyous youthful folly from the rather shapely rear end of the 1960s.

Track Listing:

  • BRIAN Cara-Lin 1969
  • JONAH & THE WHALES It’s Great 1966
  • GUESS WHO INC Man’s Trouble 1967
  • THE CREEPERS Run Run Run 1968
  • THE JAY JAYS To-Day I’m Gay 1966
  • THE PETARDS Baby Run Run Run 1966
  • THE LIONS Keep It Out Of My Mind 1967
  • THE MOJO BLUES It’s A Hard Time 1966
  • THE SHAKERS Now We’re Through 1966
  • SHADDERHANDS A Man With A Gun 1967
  • MEWSICK GROUP She Won’t Sing 1967
  • JESS AND JAMES Nothing But Love 1967
  • THE SKOPE Be Mine Again 1966
  • KNUT KIESEWETTER Just The Same As You 1967
  • GROEP 1850 Misty Night 1966
  • THE OTHERS Buzz The Jerk 1967
  • THE MASCOTS So Sad About Us 1967
  • JESS AND JAMES Half A Woman 1967
  • THE MANIACS 300 Pounds Of Joy 1967
  • SHORT 66 Substitute 1966
  • THE MADES Sing With Me 1967
  • SIR HENRY & HIS BUTLERS Don’t Send Me No Flowers 1967
  • THE DEFENDERS Sitting All Alone 1965