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  • Format: LP
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  • Genre: Progressive
After some failed attempts, Embryo delivered the album United Artists was asking for. Embryo as it's most condensed and.. accesible (?). Burchard & Co. (now a key-less quartet) play their caracteristical eastern-influenced jazzy prog, dominated by the great guitar playing of Sigi Schwab (of Vampires Sound Incorporated / Sexadelic) fame. An all-around solid album that will please all fans of 70's underground rock...""


According to a good friend of ours and all-round nutter:"


"Is this The Best Krautrock LP of all time !?!Well , if Can get disqualified for having members from Japan and America and Brainticket get busted for their Italian connection then the goldmedal goes straight to Father, Son And The Holy Ghost By Embryo. Squash together the best bits of Delay 68, Goldball and Vampyros" Lesbos and you might find something close to this essential LP"." (Andy Votel - Germanic Miner)

With Christian Burchard (drums, percussion, marimbaphone, vibes, vocal), Edgar Hofmann (soprano sax, violin), David King (bass, flute, altomarimba, vocal), Sigi Schwab (guitar, 12 string guitar, veena, tarang)"




A1 The Special Trip ""

A2 Nightmares ""

A3 King Insano ""

A4 Free ""


B1 The Sun Song ""

B2 Marimbaroos ""

B3 Forgotten Sea""


Strictly limited to 500 copies. Quality gatefold cover reproducing the artwork from the original UA 1972 issue. Exclusive liner notes w/ the band's history. Licensed from Christian Burchard."