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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Wah Wah
  • Genre: Progressive
Released by United Artists in 1971, the so-called "Embryo's Revenge" saw a departure from their psychedelic beginnings to a more exotic world-influencedfussion. Eastern elements will enrich and shape the band's sound from now on, becoming one of their main characteristics in the years to come. The beginning of Embryo as we know'em..."


With Christian Burchard (drums, leslie piano, vocal), Edgar Hofmann (soprano sax violin, percussion), Hansi Fischer (flute, percussion, vocal), Roman Bunka (guitar), Franz Benton (vocal), James "Tabarin Man" Jackson (organ, mellotron, piano), Hermann Breuer (electric piano, organ), Geoff Goodman (guitar), Dieter Serfas (gan gan)."




A1 Tausendfüssler ""

A2 Time ""

a) I Can't Wait ""

b) Eva's Wolke ""

A3 Revenge""


B1 Espagna Si , Franco No ""

B2 Sittin' At The Moon ""

B3 Verwandlung""


Strictly limited to 500 copies. Quality gatefold cover reproducing the artwork from the original UA 1971 issue. Exclusive liner notes w/ the band's history. Licensed from Christian Burchard."