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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Bacillus
  • Genre: Progressive

German band FRAME recorded only one album but one that's still amazingly fresh even today. FRAME OF MIND is a highly enjoyable art rock/heavy prog album which was produced in 1972. The band played a very British style of early prog a la Cressida, Still Life, Beggar's Opera, Quatermass, Rare Bird, Spring or Aardvark but with slightly heavier arrangements due to more aggressive guitar presence. With great variation it is steering away from the mainstream of early 70's rock, featuring many classic moves and excellent vocals. However just like their British fellows, the Hammond organ is a main attraction on FRAME OF MIND. The album carries the unmistakable stamp of Dieter Dierks at the mixing desk.

Track listing:

  • Frame Of Mind 4:08
  • Crusical Scene 3:56
  • All I Really Want Explain 11:15
  • If 5:07
  • Winter 5:35
  • Penny For An Old Guy 3:10
  • Childrens Freedom 2:31
  • Truebsal 0:18