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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Garden Of Delights
  • Genre: Progressive
"Hijack" from 1974 is probably the most underestimated LP of Amon Düül II. Only if one has recognised all of its details one notices that it is by no means second to their masterpiece "Phallus Dei" (from 1969). There is not one weak piece on this LP. It is wholly great and unreservedly recommendable, a delight to the ear, from back to front. Maybe this is due to the meeting of the almost original line-up of Amon Düül II for this recording. Since the Castle CD is deleted for years, "Hijack" was not available anymore. This new issue has been taken from the master tapes and the booklet is a mine of information. Garden of Delights intends to re-release the other Teldec/Nova label recordings of Amon Düül II on CD in the future, too: "Pyragony 10th", "Almost alive", "Only human" and "Vortex", all of them taken from the master tapes.