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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Shadoks
  • Genre: Psychedelic

Out-of-nowhere African 70's rock discovery in the Blo mold. "Completely unknown band from Zambia, privately pressed on a small local label, this five-piece electric band plays a strong electric African underground style. Tons of wah wah-fuzz guitar in every track, African style beats and vocals and all original songs. If bands from Nigeria such as Blo and Ofege and bands from Zambia such as Rikki Ililonga and Chrissy Zebby are all traveling on the psychedelic highway at 100 mph, the Witch overtakes them with 120. On the cover we can read: if you're feeling depressed, low, disturbed, out-of-sorts, sad, frustrated or widely demented, then folks, we suggest you seek out a quiet place, indulge in some soothing meditation and cut away that headache by listening to this inspirational album.

Track Listing:

  • Black Tears 5:22
  • Motherless Child 3:55
  • Tooth Factory 4:33
  • Strange Dream 3:14
  • Look Out 4:02
  • Havoc 5:19
  • October Night 4:40
  • Off Ma Boots 2:57
  • Lazy Bones 4:01
  • Little Clown 3:30