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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Mellotron
  • Genre: Progressive

Shaggy was a band formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1973. The band released just one album "Lessons For Beginners," in 1975, a very rare album, going for USD 300+ nowadays.

illustration of the album cover shows a naked woman lying on a gallows with a sunrise in the background, and next we banda playing surrounded by mountains and UFOs. The album begins with "Destination Nowhere", a killer track with noticeable influences from Deep Purple in both guitars as the Hammonds. "Vegence" is somewhat more accelerated pace of vocal reminds the Queen on their first records. The album continues with "Bitch" that surely is another highlight, the bases of the Hammonds are intense, and the instrumental "Lessons For Beginners." "I Can Feel" is another instrumental track, here only runs the guitar Jan "Fidde" Rognas. Closing the album "Brink Of Nowhere", the longest track on the disc, with its 7:30 minutes, this track has sound more progressive, harmmond provides support while the guitars do a fine job with his long solos.

Track Listing:

  • Destination Nowhere (4:42)
  • Vengence (3:06)
  • Bitch (4:14)
  • No Strings (3:45)
  • Lessons for Beginners (2:53)
  • On the Road (4:32)
  • Nobody Cares (3:51)
  • I Can Feel (3:08)
  • Brink of Nowhere (7:52)