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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Pan
  • Genre: Progressive


Gatefold cover, LP reissue of one and only album by Freddy Lindquist, who was once member of the VANGUARDS in 1966, replacing Terje Rypdal. Freddie could be regarded as the 'Hendrix' of Norway, a true guitar-vinking!! This album shows why he was called these names. True Heavy psychedelia from Norways leading guitar-prince next to king Terje Rypdal."

Track Listing:

  • Sundae Sellers 4:43
  • The Green And Pink Little Man 4:08
  • Ridin', Huggin' And Kissin' 3:40
  • Sharako 3:42
  • How Nice 4:00
  • Black Is Black 4:27
  • Woman Running Around 5:48
  • Join In And Freak Out 3:25