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various: northern songe - the continuing story of the beatles
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  • northern songe - the continuing story of the beatles (CD)

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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Particles
  • Genre: Psychedelic
  • 28-page full colour booklet
  • comprehensive liner notes
  • rare colour photographs

The Beatles’ euphoria was still thriving with some force in the late 1960s, amidst an explosion of new talent in songwriters and groups. Against a tide of emerging talents such as Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ray Davies and David Bowie, the continued appeal of Lennon and McCartney remained devout and was evident across the globe in the countless translations and interpretations of their songs. From Africa to Italy to South America and China, The Beatles songbook was a virtual new testament for young people across the world. Thus, their songs and continued appeal will never expire. 24 Track CD set of rare, obscure and beguiling interpretations of The Beatles songbook from America, Italy, Africa, Portugal and England.

Track Listing:

  • KATJA EBSTEIN A Hard Day’s Night 1969
  • I ROLLS 33 She Loves You 1967
  • CLAES DIEDEN Drive My Car 1968
  • WARD 6 I’ve Just Seen A Face 1970
  • DANNY COX Dear Prudence 1969
  • TERRY MANNING I Wanna Be Your Man 1970
  • THEO BIKEL Piggies 1969
  • JACKIE & ROY The Word 1966
  • DUFFY POWER Fixing A Hole 1967
  • HARD MEAT Rain 1969
  • NAPOLEON Norwegian Wood 1966
  • THE CAVALRY TWILL All You Need Is Love 1968
  • RUSS LOADER And I Love Her 1966
  • PETER SELLERS Help! 1965
  • CHARLOTTE DADA Don’t Let Me Down 1971
  • NOEL HARRISON Strawberry Fields Forever 1967
  • THE PORTABLE FLOWER FACTORY Across The Universe 1972
  • BOBBY BRYANT Happiness Is A Warm Gun 1969
  • MORGANA KING Tomorrow Never Knows 1968
  • PP ARNOLD Eleanor Rigby 1968
  • CHRISS & THE STROKE Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight 1969
  • CAMEL Mystery Tour 1969
  • POP FIVE MUSIC INC. Blackbird 1969