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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Garden Of Delights
  • Genre: Progressive
Virus, from the Bielefeld area in Westphalia, were the best and most famous local progressive group in the early seventies. In 1970, they won the well-known competition in the Recklinghausen Vestlandhalle - still under their old name of Man's World. The first prize: Recordings for their first own LP, under the direction of sound magician Conny Plank. That LP, "Revelation", was released in 1971 and is partly reminiscent of the early Pink Floyd, e.g. in the final part of "Endless game". On the CD edition on Garden of Delights, the two songs of the first Virus 7" single have been added as bonus tracks. The second Virus LP, "Thoughts", which was released on Pilz at the end of 1971, will soon be available as CD on Garden of Delights as well, again providing two bonus tracks.