j d blackfoot: the ultimate prophecy
  • j d blackfoot

  • the ultimate prophecy (CD)

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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Fallout
  • Genre: Psychedelic
Formed from the ashes of other local bands in Ohio in 1969, J.D. Blackfoot unleashed this stunning blend of folk, country and hard psychedelia in 1970. Though the band was short-lived, their sole album has gone on to be recognised as an all-time rock classic, featuring searing lead guitar and some of the best drumming ever recorded. Presented here in its original European artwork, complete with eight ultra-rare nonalbum bonus tracks (including their elusive debut single) and historical liner notes, it's a simply essential purchase for all serious fans of US psychedelia.Track listing:
1. One Time Woman 2. Angel 3. We Can Try 4. Good Day Extending 5. I've Never Seen You 6. The Ultimate Prophecy 7. Death's Finale 8. Cycles 9. Waiting to Be Born 10. Pink Sun
Bonus tracks
11. Who's Nuts Alfred? (45 A-side, 1969) 12. Epitaph For A Head (45 B-side, 1969) 13. Wonderin' Where You Are (45 A-side, 1971) 14. It Don't Mean A Thing (45 B-side, 1971) 15. Savage (45 A-side, 1971) 16. Almost Another Day (45 B-side, 1971) 17. Every Day - Every Night (45 A-side, 1971) 18. Save This World Today (45 B-side, 1971)