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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Long Hair
  • Genre: Progressive

On vinyl comes a splendid reissue of the 1973 debut-LP by the Danish progressive band with a jazz-rock feel. Secret Oyster's line-up included ex-members of notable groups s.a. Burnin' Red Ivanhoe, Coronarias Dans and Hurdy Gurdy. Expect long, improvised and instrumental workouts with a hard rocking rhythm section, playing with unbelievable energy. This edition comes with remastered sound (from the original tapes), background liners and rare photos.

Track Listing:

  • A1 Dampexpressen 4:24
  • A2 Fire & Water 5:34
  • A3 Vive La Quelle ? 8:50
  • B1 Blazing Laze 4:54
  • B2 Public Oyster 10:46
  • B3 Mis(s) Fortune 1:28
  • B4 Ova-X 4:56