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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Other
  • Genre: Psychedelic

Second album (known as the "Tiger" one) by the Japanese heavy–psych power trio, a proto–metal and avant–psych classic originally released in 1972.

Released when the band had just disintegrated, this was mostly the work of singer–drummer Joey "Pepe" Smith, who included some unreleased tracks from the "Eve" sessions plus new recordings featuring Mike Hanopol on bass. Three sides of trashy, bluesy, psychedelic hard–rock with fuzzy guitars and studio effects, featuring underground classics like "Run & Hide", plus a whole side of mindblowing electronic & noise soundscapes.

After the album release, Joey Smith and Mike Hanopol returned to Manila, where they went to join the legendary Juan de la Cruz Band.

Track Listing:

  • A1 Sniffin' & Snortin' Pt.1 (Vitamine C)
  • A2 Run And Hide
  • A3 Bad Woman
  • A4 Red Doll
  • B1 Flat Fret Swing
  • B2 Sniffin' & Snortin' Pt.2 (Vitamine C)
  • B3 Don't Say No
  • B4 Calm Down
  • C1 Doodle Song
  • C2 Search For Love
  • C3 Chuppy
  • C4 Wanna Take You Home
  • D1a Sun
  • D1b Planets
  • D1c Life
  • D1d Moon
  • D2 Song For An Angel