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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Other
  • Genre: Psychedelic

Label: Buddah Records


Hailing from Seattle, Calliope was a psychedelic band led by singer/songwriter Danny O’Keefe, who later enjoyed success with a couple of Top 20 hits, notably "Magdalena." While they gained local attention, their live performances often eclipsed their studio recordings, a trend common among many Seattle bands at the time.

During that era, Seattle bands struggled to receive substantial backing from their record labels—a stark contrast to the support seen in today's music industry. Calliope's debut album has become a sought-after collector's item, while their second album possibly never saw an official release. Their album "Steamed" featured covers such as Lee Michaels' "Hello Hello," a captivating psychedelic guitar solo on "California Dreamin'," as well as renditions of "Hound Dog," "Jimmy Bell," "Like A Rolling Stone" by Dylan, and "Nadine" by Chuck Berry, alongside four original tracks—two penned by Goldsmith and two by O’Keefe.

Tragically, John Simpson, a member of Calliope, met his untimely demise in a plane crash in 1973. Simpson had previously collaborated with Scott Strong in The Bumps and may have also played drums in Christopher. Before joining Calliope, Scott Strong served as their road manager. Additionally, Paul Goldsmith had a history with Emergency Exit, Clyde Heaton with The Dimensions, and Luther Rabb later contributed to Ballinjack.

Track Listing:

  • Hello, Hello 3:05
  • California Dreaming 3:40
  • Rainmaker's Daughter 3:10
  • Hound Dog 3:00
  • Like A Rolling Stone 5:55
  • Jimmy Bell 6:25
  • I Wanna Thank You 3:50
  • Nadine 3:55
  • How About You (Clyde's Tune) 2:30
  • Atlas 5:00