don shinn: temples with prophets
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  • temples with prophets (CD)

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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Sunbeam Records
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Classic UK proto-prog
  • Originally issued in 1969
  • Features both sides of his rare 1966 single as bonus tracks
  • 12pp full colour booklet
  • Detailed notes and rare photos
  • Essential for Hammond organ lovers

Having made several classic 45 with The Soul Agents (whose singer was briefly Rod Stewart), Don Shinn taped his remarkable debut album in London’s Lansdowne Studios in December 1967. Featuring his explosive organ (a clear influence on the young Keith Emerson) and outstanding guitar from Paul Hodgeson, it’s one of the first progressive albums ever recorded, and has its first official reissue here, fifty years after its first release. It comes complete with detailed background notes, rare images and two jaw-dropping bonus tracks from 1966.


  • Pits Of Darkness
  • Temples With Prophets (Introducing Monophonic Interlude For Pianoforte No. 1)
  • A-Minor Explosion
  • The Jolly Dance
  • Hearts Of Gladness

  • A-Minor Explosion (45 version)
  • Pits Of Darkness (45 version)