the shangri-las: the best of the red bird and mercury recordings (rsd-black friday 2021 exclusive, limited clear with black
  • the shangri-las

  • the best of the red bird and mercury recordings (rsd-black friday 2021 exclusive, limited clear with black "tailpipe exhaust" swirl vinyl edition) (2 LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Real Gone Music
  • Genre: Rock / Pop
  • The Shangri-Las Are One of the Greatest Girl Groups of All Time, and Definitely the Toughest
  • But There Has Never Been a Thorough Vinyl Collection of Their Work
  • The Best of the Red Bird and Mercury RecordingsPresents 25 of Their Greatest Performances
  • Mastered by Eliot Kissileff from Original Tape Sources
  • 10 in Stereo, 15 in Mono
  • Features an 8000-Word Essay by Shangri-Las Expert John Grecco Featuring His PersonalReminiscences of Such Legends as Producer “Shadow” Morton, Engineer Brooks Arthur, and Band Manager Larry Martire
  • Unseen Photos and Memorabilia
  • Includes Such Classics as “Remember (Walkin’in the Sand),” “Leader of the Pack,” “Give Hima Great Big Kiss,” and “I Can Never Go Home Anymore”
  • 2-LP Set
  • Gatefold Jacket with 4-Page Insert
  • Clear with Black “Tailpipe Exhaust” Swirl Vinyl
  • Limited to 4000 Copies
  • Exclusive for RSD/Black Friday
  • Boasting Superior Annotation, Sound, and Graphics, This Collection Truly Is“The Leader of the Pack”

Can you believe there hasn’t been alegitimate Shangri-Las collection issued on vinyl since, well, forever?! At least notsince the advent of the CD era. But we’remaking up for lost time with this one—whenit comes to Shangri-Las compilations, thisone’s (sorry) the leader of the pack! 25tracks (10 stereo, the rest mono) newlyremastered by Eliot Kissileff from tape sources, presented in a 2-LP set pressed in (vroom! vroom!) clear with black “tailpipe exhaust” swirl vinyl limited to 4000 copies and exclusive to RSD/Black Friday, and housed in a gatefoldjacket with a 4-page insert. Liner notes (an 8000-word essay!) by Shangri-Lasexpert John Grecco featuring his personal reminiscences of such legends asproducer “Shadow” Morton, engineer Brooks Arthur, and band manager LarryMartire and rare photos/memorabilia complete the best-looking Shangs packageever released, complete with original Red Bird logo. “Remember (Walkin’ in theSand),” “Leader of the Pack,” “Give Him a Great Big Kiss,” “I Can Never Go HomeAnymore”...all your faves from the toughest girl group of all time, sounding betterthan they ever have before!

Track Listing:


  • Remember (Walking in the Sand)
  • Leader of the Pack
  • Give Him a Great Big Kiss
  • Out in the Streets
  • Give Us Your Blessings
  • Maybe
  • What Is Love

  • Never Again
  • The Train from Kansas City
  • Right Now and Not Later
  • The Dum Dum Ditty
  • Heaven Only Knows
  • What’s a Girl Supposed to Do

  • I Can Never Go Home Anymore
  • Long Live Our Love
  • Sophisticated Boom Boom
  • He Cried
  • Dressed in Black
  • Paradise

  • Past, Present and Future
  • I’ll Never Learn
  • The Sweet Sounds of Summer4.Love You More Than Yesterday
  • Footsteps on the Roof
  • Take the Time