whistler, chaucer, detroit & greenhill: the unwritten works of geoffrey, etc
  • whistler, chaucer, detroit & greenhill

  • the unwritten works of geoffrey, etc (CD)

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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Fallout
  • Genre: Psychedelic
Featured in Mojo 's Collection book ('The Greatest Albums Of All Time'), this enigmatic blend of folk, pop and psychedelia first appeared in 1968, when it sank without tra c e . Overseen by producer T- Bone Burnett (famed for his subsequent work with Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Counting Crows and others), it's a neglected classic that makes its long-awaited CD debut here.
Track listing: 1. The Viper (What John Rance Had To Tell) 2. Day Of Childhood 3. Upon Waking From The Nap 4. Live 'Till I Die 5. Street In Paris 6. As Pure As The Freshly Driven Snow 7. Tribute To Sundance 8. House Of Collection 9. Just Me And Her 10. On Lusty Gentlemen 11. Ready To Move