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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Fallout
  • Genre: Jazz, Psychedelic
This superb collection of jazztinged psychedelic rock originally appeared in 1970. Boasting the vocal and drumming talents of Jim Hodder (later to join Steely Dan) and guitarist John Sheldon (who'd played with Van Morrison and went on to write for James Taylor), the album is consistently melodic, featuring outstanding musical interplay and glorious guitar solos.
Released here complete with three rare bonus tracks and historical liner notes, it's an essential purchase for all fans of US prog and psych rock.
Track listing: 1. Punchin Judy 2. Lady 3. Wax Circus 4. Mora 5. Natural Song 6. Country Girls 7. Amos & Andy 8. Slipping
Bonus tracks 9. Sweet Medusa 10. Echoes Of Sweet Medusa 11. My Life In Review